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The 12-week bootcamp teaches the full set of tools necessary for a data analyst to hit the ground running in his/her first job. Unlike other programs, that focus on one language, or one set of tools, Sky Data Bank teaches all the technical skills that employers are looking for. Specifically, SQL, SAS, Tableau, Power BI, SSIS, SSRS.
You need a Windows PC. You can use a MacBook only after you have installed or paralleled with Windows. Contact us for instructions on how to install Windows on your MacBook. A tablet will not be powerful enough. You will need a computer with at least 4GB of ram an i3 processor and at least 80GB of Hard Disk space.
Yes there are assignments, quizzes and projects. All our assignments, quizzes and projects are real life enterprise examples. Students who participate and turn in homework on time, hit the ground running on their first day of work. So we encourage all our students to take quizzes and assignments seriously.
Please read this part carefully. At Sky DataBank, we do NOT offer refunds. Please request a demo before you make any financial commitments. About 99% of our customers are from individual referrals. We do not pay for advertisement. Make sure you understand exactly how the process works from the individual referring you to us. Once you join us, we have a mission and we will fight by your side to accomplish it.

Making Courses

We do not provide certificates. From our experience in the IT world, your performance is supreme to your certification. Getting a certification validates your skill but it does not land you a job. No matter the number of certificates you hold, you will still have to pass a technical interview (which is what we specialize in). The training you receive here will equip you to take on any certification exam you desire. Employers are looking for individuals who can perform tasks not individuals with certificates.
We can’t guarantee jobs, but we also understand that finding a job is the number one priority, so we work hard to make sure you get as many opportunities as possible to build your network and show off your skills.
The only prerequisite needed is INTEREST. Interest and self motivation is all you need to learn. No previous IT knowledge required. Basic computer usage is a plus.
Jobs include but not limited to Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Business Intelligence Report developer, Tableau Developer, ETL Developer, Data Modeler, SAS Developer, Reporting Analyst,

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